Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm so happy!!!

Attention to all blog readers::::: I am now Mrs. Scott Appleton! The wedding was beautiful! And the Honeymoon was just wonderful! Lots of pictures coming, but for now I must go home and straighten our apartment before my husband comes home. :)

Sweet dreams....


Shayna said...

Your first post as a married lady ~ :)What a beautiful thing to see the joining of two people that I truly care for and love. God is so good!! I'm glad to hear that you are back safe and sound from your honeymoon and I anticipate seeing a bunch of pictures!

√čarwen said...

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was a junior bridesmaide a few years ago at my older sister's wedding.
She walked up the isle to music from Last of the Mohicans (best movie EVER)

Eden said...

Congrats! :) Glad the honeymoon was wonderful. :) Wow, your hubby is getting home LATE. :( Hope to see you sometime!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you Kelley. I almost lost it when you started to walk down the else! Glad you enjoyed the honeymoon. Can't wait to see pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelley,

Congradulations on your "9 month bundle." Can't wait to hear from you and start to see your bump grow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelley,

I was wondering if you were going to put any pictures up here. I would love to see them. I really miss you! I have a gift for you but I have to see you first :) Hope to hear from you soon, E-mail would work.



Fair Maiden said...

Don't worry, I'll post pictures.

~H~ : I'm so sorry, but who are you? My mind is drawing a blank at who you could possibly be. Email me or post a comment with your email and I won't publish it. Thanks. :) Unless, you happen to be H W? Just figured it out, possibly. :)

I'll be posting soon, I just really have not had much time on the computer lately.