Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankfulness Part 8 (and other happenings)

Here, we are, the last day of November (although I'm doubting that anyone will read this before December comes seeing as that is 50 minutes away) and I'm sorry to say that I didn't do very good with my original intention of writing at least every day, adding to my "Thankfulness List." But 8 posts in four weeks isn't too bad, I think, considering that a 2 month old boy is keeping my hands quite busy.
Speaking of that 2 month old boy (11 weeks and 3 days to be exact), he is certainly growing. I just pulled out all the 6-9 month clothes (which is what he has on right now) as we are completely out of anything that resembles 0-3 month, and the 3-6 month are just barely fitting him. I'm really glad I haven't bought the onesies and outfit I plan on buying for his stocking yet! I would have bought the wrong size. Andrew was first born, I didn't know what to think of all the winter clothes we were getting that were size 6-9 month because I thought "he's not going to be 6 months old until March," and now I'm laughing at myself!
The last part of my Thankfulness list... I'm thankful:
  • That I don't have to work a "9-5 job" and leave my cute little bundle of joy
  • That God has given me an opportunity to earn enough money each week to pay for our groceries and a little left over (perfect timing with Christmas in a few weeks)
  • For the lovely ladies I got to visit with this evening at my parents house while their girls were in Bright Lights
  • That we had such a lovely, relaxing Thanksgiving!
  • That even though Andrew has a bit of a cold, it hasn't been bad enough that he's been overly fussy (he's certainly not himself, but he still smiles on occasion). I know we will have very bad times in the future (all-nighters and everything), but for now, I'm thankful that the first cold isn't as bad as it could be.
  • That I am already using cloth diapers because I didn't get stressed out today when I realized that I only have 7 disposable diapers left and no chance to get any before Friday :) It's great how God provides!
  • For my time with the Lord this morning
  • For two hands (it is so much easier typing with two rather than one) :)
  • For eyes, to see and read
  • For ears, to listen
  • For all that God continues to bless me with
This past weekend we went to a Christmas party at Scott's aunt and uncle's house. They do this party every year, and every year Scott's uncle dresses up and Santa and hands out gifts to everyone. Now, just so you don't get me wrong, we don't believe in Santa and we are not going to make our kids believe in Santa. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy Scott's family's traditions. We had a great time at the party (we missed last year's because of our trip), seeing and visiting with all the family and here is a picture of Andrew with Santa (a.k.a. Uncle R.).
Aside from Andrew's cold (which he caught from his Daddy and I caught a touch of as well), we are doing very well! We had a great Thanksgiving and got to see both families, and compare Andrew to my two new cousins (who are 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 weeks younger than him), as well as letting him "play" with his two cousins (Scott's nephews). We also learned that my Mom's brother and his family is coming for a visit over Christmas, and we are all SOOOO excited!!!!!
Speaking of Christmas, now that we are passed Thanksgiving, has anyone else started decorating for Christmas? I love the Christmas season (as I'm sure all my readers have figured out by now), the decorations, lights, music, movies (especially the old ones like Christmas in Connecticut and Holiday Inn), cookies, my Mom's cinnamon rolls, and most importantly, what Christmas is about -- the celebration of Christ's birth. I know Andrew can't fully understand yet, but many times already, I have taken him over to where our manger scene is set up and told him the story of Christ's birth and why Christ came.
Here are a couple pictures from my cousin's wedding a couple weeks ago. As you can see in the above picture, I did dress Andrew up and he looked so darling, but we did change him after a short while as it was a little uncomfortable for him with his shirt and vest rolling up under his arms.
Here is my cute little boy with my very handsome Man!
And one of my family and I. I'm so thankful for each person in my family and love them all so much!

Last but not least, a verse the Lord brought to my mind this morning, and I just had to look it up!

"Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." Philippians 4:8

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankfulness Part 7 - Thanksgiving

So, it would appear that I have not been doing very good keeping up with my thankfulness list. But I'm not done yet. I still have 6 days left before December hits. We've been rather busy lately. Last weekend my dear friend and cousin married the Love of her life, and it was such a lovely wedding. I did dress Andrew up, and he looked so cute in his sweater vest and dress clothes (I did get a couple pictures, but they're on my camera still so perhaps in the next post...), but I'm glad I don't do that often because even though he looked so adorable, his shirt and vest kept riding up under his arms, and I doubt it was comfortable. Of course he had to wear the little booties that my Mom made him (see previous post).

In 19 minutes it will officially be Thanksgiving. I love the holidays, but as I think back to past Thanksgivings (and "Christmases"), my eyes begin to water as I recall all the great memories I have of family dinners/get togethers with loved ones who no longer walk on this earth. Growing up we always had both sets of grandparents and my Dad's grandmother over on the holidays and in the past few years that has extended into my Aunt's family too. That's what I remember most about the holidays, not what we ate that year or what we got as gifts, but the togetherness of family.

Thanksgiving last year, we were finishing loading up the trailer, changing the oil in the car, trying to fit as many boxes of books as possible into the trailer, and saying our goodbyes to our families as we would be heading out early the next morning for Scott's book tour. In a lot of ways we feel like we missed Thanksgiving (we had a lot of other things on our minds), and while we had a decent Christmas, it was very different not being with family. Praise God for Skype! So, needless to say, we are very much looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the holiday season.

On to my thankful list. I'm thankful:
  • For all that God has done in the past year (I can't believe it's been a year since we started our trip)
  • That we get to spend the holidays with our families this year as well as start our own family traditions now that we are a family.
  • That God allowed me to miscarry last summer as He has brought me so far since then (although it still brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it)
  • For the 9 garbage bags full of boy clothes that I just went through that were given to us. It took me 2 weeks to go through them (it was so daunting), but I am so thankful for all the clothes as they mean I won't have to buy that much, and there's such an abundance, I am passing some along.
  • That he Lord has impressed on me the importance of seeing what ways I can decrease our spending. I use whatever coupons I can find, but I realized that making our bread (which I've known how to do since I was 8), making our cereal, and making other breakfast foods like baked oatmeal, cuts $15-$20 off of my weekly grocery bill. That's a lot considering how little it takes for the "substitutes". I can make enough bread, cereal, and baked oatmeal for a month for $15-$20 tops!!!! That's a savings of $45-$60 a month. Pretty good, if I do say so myself.
  • For Andrew's smiles every time I talk to him (he just wins my heart every time I look at him).
  • That I have such a caring husband with a listening ear. He likes to listen to me talk, whether it's serious things, or just ramblings, and that means a lot to me.
  • For the friendship that I share with my Mom. She considers me one of her best friends (next to my Daddy, of course) and I greatly treasure that!!! She's definitely one of mine!
  • That even though my kitchen is still a mess from cooking dinner today, I am not stressed about it, because God has been teaching me to make the most of every minute I have, and I did get lots done today.

This past week I was reading some of Laine's Letters and in one of them, she talked about how she likes to keep a list of all that she does throughout the day so as she starts thinking of all her "to do's" instead of becoming overwhelmed thinking "how will I ever get them done" she can see all that she has accomplished. I know that as I've done that this week (although it's been mental lists, not written ones), it has encouraged me to add to my list of "accomplishments." Laine's Letters are very encouraging, and I encourage you to check them out!

It is time for me to head to bed. We're getting up early tomorrow so we can help in the preparations for dinner.

May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankfulness - Part 6

I'm terribly sorry that this is so late. I should probably schedule posts (as in write them ahead of time), but that would take away from the discipline of taking time every couple days at least, to think about what I'm thankful for.
So, today I'm thankful:
  • That I gave in to Scott and we now have our Christmas tree up "with all the trimmings" (see picture below)
  • That I have continued to stay consistent in exercising daily as it is starting to pay off
  • That I have also been consistent in eating healthier (less bread, more salad and veggies, and choosing healthier snacks like Almonds and Cranberries instead of chips or cake)
  • For the adorable "booties" that my Mom made Andrew (see pictures). I was just thinking yesterday how sad it was that we didn't have any knitted booties (I've always thought they were so neat), and now we do! :)
  • That Andrew and I can accompany Scott for some of his work as it makes for more time "together"
  • That tomorrow we will celebrate 31 months of "togetherness." I just love my husband! :)
  • That I have so many sisters. I love each of them and love when I get to spend time with one or all of them.
  • That even though our second car died (see previous post) I don't have to stay at home every day as my family just loves (it would seem) have a visit from Andrew and I, even when it means they have to pick me up and bring me back home. I'm so blessed!
  • For Water! I drink lots and lots of it, and don't what I'd do without it.
Yes, here's another picture of Andrew. I couldn't decide which one I liked better (the above or below), so I posted them both.
Yes, I know, it's still a week until Thanksgiving. But as you may recall we started listening to Christmas music last week (waking up one morning to snow is what started it) and we kept talking about how we couldn't wait to start decorating for Christmas and Scott kept trying to convince me to get out tree this past weekend. I didn't want to get it now and then have it be dead by Christmas, so we compromised and decided to see how much an artificial one would cost. Well, it's the same price, so we went with an artificial tree (for this year at least, as we do prefer a real tree, particularly going and picking out our real tree). We also found a little village set for a very reasonable price and set that up around the tree. Here is our first Christmas tree, and I must assure you, it looks 100 times more pretty and beautiful in person!

I must run. Someone is ready for bed!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankulness - Part 5

Here's Andrew "hanging out with Grandpa". He looks so serious! :)
Andrew and I had an interesting day yesterday. Not long after Scott left for work he called me and said that the car (our old car that we took on our trip and just spent quite a bit of money on getting it in good working order so Jacob could use it while he was here) had died on him. Immediately I got up and started putting Andrew in his carseat because I new exactly what that meant. I had to go meet him so we could drop him off at work, hopefully before he was very late. The car did start up again and I was able to meet Scott at our local garage (which was a blessing since we didn't have to pay a towing fee or anything) and now we wait to see what they say about the car.
But the day wasn't over yet. After we left Scott at work, Andrew and I did a little grocery shopping on our way home, and then we ate and changed diapers before heading out to Walmart for the bulk of this week's grocery shopping. Now, I had made sure I burped Andrew before we left and all, but sitting in the carseat, on the shopping cart (since I needed quite a few items, there was no way he was going to fit "in" the cart and I had forgotten the sling) must not have agreed with him. He slept most of the time I was shopping, but then he woke up and started fussing, and I mean, really fussing so I picked him up (I was really wishing I had remembered to bring the sling as it's not easy pushing a full cart while consoling a fussy baby) and then he had a big burp and I said "oh, that's why you've been fussing." Then I thought to myself how glad I was that he didn't spit up. Of course, what happened, but I immediately realized he had spit up, all over my neck, my jacket and the straps of my handmade purse. YUCK! I grabbed the receiving blanket that was in the carseat and started wiping off Andrew (oh yes it got all over him too) and prayed "Lord, what do I do?" as I knew the carseat was not a good place for him at that moment and I couldn't reposition the carseat because my hands were full and let's not forget the spit up that was all over me. I glanced down the aisle in front of me and saw a lady from our church (whom I've known my whole life) and thanked the Lord right there. I walked up to her and said, "would you please be a lifesaver and hold Andrew so I can clean myself up?" She was thrilled to hold him (I don't think she had even met him yet) as she loves babies and I felt so blessed that God would time that all so perfectly! Yes, God cares about even the smallest things like having your son spit up on you in the middle of a store (on the opposite end of the bathrooms, no less) and providing some help for you.
Now after that long (perhaps boring), drawn out, story, on to my thankful list (and pretty much a rundown of my day). Today I'm thankful:
  • That I was able to get laundry and dinner done for Scott before he left for work today
  • That Andrew took a 2 hour nap this afternoon
  • That I was able to get clothes folded and put away, my bedroom straightened, and the house vacuumed (it was in dire need of that)
  • That as a result of all the above, most of the house in in very nice order now
  • That Andrew was happy to play (after eating and a diaper change) so I could exercise, finish folding and putting away the last load of laundry for the day organize his clothes (he's constantly outgrowing stuff), and even get over half of the dishes from the last 3 days done. Yes, I have not had a chance to do dishes since my sisters helped me a couple days ago.
  • That Christmas is coming! (I've been listening to Christmas music all this past week.)
  • For Swagbucks as thanks to them I have extra "Christmas money" to spend at Amazon on Scott

I have gotten a lot done today and it's not even over yet (for me, anyway). I hope all my blog readers are having a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2 Months

In 3 hours, Andrew will be 2 months old. He has grown so much and is constantly changing. He's started wearing bibs as he drools quite a bit and I'd rather change his bib 4 times a day rather than his clothes. I am very blessed because he hardly spits up (usually only once a day, if at all). He is very smiley and loves it when we sit (well, I sit, and he "reclines" or lays on his tummy) on the floor and play. He weighs 13 pounds and is over 24 inches long. Yep, I'd say he's growing! :)
I love watching him as he "talks" and just enjoying every moment with him. I know "babyhood" won't last very long (I have my two nephews to prove it) and so I am just enjoying being a mommy, Andrew's Mommy not taking a single moment for granted. Especially as we move closer and closer to Thanksgiving, I am constantly reminded of how very, very grateful, thankful, I am for my sweet, loving Husband, and my adorable, loveable, little boy! I love how when Andrew is not happy all I have to do is pick him up and he stops fussing (unless I don't figure out what it is he wants within a few minutes, cause in those cases he starts right up again). It might sound funny, I mean I know he can't talk or anything, but I know that he loves me. The way he looks into my eyes, I can see the trust and love there. I am just so amazed at how incredibly awesome God is. I mean, I've always known He's awesome, incredible, indescribable, but he is always showing me that no matter how awesome and amazing I think He is, He is always more so. Does that make sense? I look at the little boy who is laying on my lap (taking a nap before we head to bed in a few minutes) and I am in total and complete awe of God's creation.
I'm sorry this isn't a longer post/update, but it's 1:40 (am) and it will take at least 20 minutes before I'm in bed (once diaper is changed, hands are washed, contacts are out, humidifier is refilled, and whatever else pops up) and I'm ready for bed now, so I'm thinking I should get started.

Thankful List - Part 4

I'm thankful:

  • For sisters who so lovingy come over to keep an eye on Andrew and help me get lots of work done

  • For soft, fuzzy, blankets (perfect for cool days)

  • That I decided to make myself a salad instead of a sandwich (bread does not help those inches melt, you know?)

  • For Teresa Tapp (yes, I'm working on getting myself back in shape)

  • That I had a boy! :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mystic Seaport

On October 30th we took Jacob to see Mystic Seaport. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we had lots fun! It was extremely windy since we were so close to the water (hence our messy, windblown hair). It was rather "handy" having Jacob with us as for the first half of the day Andrew was in the stroller and so we took turns staying with Andrew and touring the ships. I took this picture (below) at one such time. You can see Scott and Jacob having fun taking pictures and such on the deck of this ship (I don't remember all the names).

And I had to take a picture of "Andrew". not that you can see him or anything. It was less windy at the end of the day but at the time this was taken, it was so windy I made sure Andrew was nice and protected from the cold wind in his little "bubble". As you can see, my sling as many uses. It is very versatile! :)

Here is my sweet, darling Hubby enjoying all the opportunities for picture taking with his oh, so very nice, camera. :)

For fun we did this "quest" thing (it was free... :) ) that the Nautical Instrument building gave us. They gave us a bag that had a compass and spyglass in it (we didn't get to keep them though) and we also got a GPS devise and instructions on things we had to do as we found different boxes throughout the "village". It was lots of fun and we learned a lot about ships, and how they did different things (like the codes they used with flags to send messages to other ships). This is me in front of the gazebo (it was a land mark for finding one of the boxes for the quest).

As you can see, when Andrew got tired of the stroller, I had to keep him warm in the sling. So, he was in a "fleecy" bunting, in the sling, with a receiving blanket tucked in around him and I kept my nursing cover on to give an extra shield against the wind. He was "toasty warm". :)

We went down the road a ways to a restaurant for a late Lunch half-way through the day, and I snapped this photo of Andrew. He's so interactive and smiley now. We've been having lots of fun playing.
The other day Scott was playing with Andrew and sat him up on his shoulders. It was so cute because Andrew grabbed a hold of Scott's hair and thought it was very interesting. Since then Scott has put Andrew on his shoulders again, and he is all smiles. :) It's so much fun watching Andrew interacting with Scott.

Andrew's first Shoulder Ride:
Andrew has a new buddy, Jacob. They have had lots of fun together, although, I'm sure the next time we see Jacob, Andrew will be even more interactive, running all over the place. :)

Just "hanging out"

Today is Jacob's last day here, and I can't say we're doing anything interesting other than just hanging out and taking it easy. Of course, we did forget to turn the clocks back last night so I guess we all could have slept in an extra hour, but that's okay. :)
Today also marks 8 weeks since Andrew was born. I can't believe how big he's getting, and even though he is about twice the size of his 2 cousins who were born in the last 2 weeks, I told him, he's still "my little baby". :) As of Friday he weighed 12 lbs, 13 oz, and is just over 24 inches long. He is just SOOOO cute. I say that all the time, but I just can't help it, he IS! :) I love him so!!!!
I hope all my readers are having a relaxing, restful Sunday. Don't forget to think of something to be thankful for today. I'm thankful that God made me a mother and gave me the ability to serve those I come in contact with.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thankful List Part 3

Okay so I'm a day late, but here I am, once again with more things that I'm thankful for:

  • Coupons
  • The ability to capture all the wonderful moments that are continuously happening on camera and print them off
  • Music - Growing up I only ever listened to Christian music and I'm so thankful that that was the way it was, because whenever I'm feeling "down" or need my spirits lifted, I just put in a CD, and seeing as the only CDs I own are Christian, within minutes, my heart is soaring
  • Beautiful, Sunny days like today
  • Women like Sally Clarkson and Elizabeth George who write encouraging books specifically for women (if I have a few moments, then I have gotten into a habit of grabbing a book that is encouraging in relation to my walk with God and my roles as woman, wife, mother, and homemaker.
  • Blankets to keep my Little One warm :)
  • Two new, warm coats (that fit nicely) that I didn't pay a penny for since my Mom had them sitting in her closet (she's such a nice Mom!)
  • The fact that I need to go because my hubby has the day off! :)

I will hopefully get pictures up over the next few days. Our house guest is leaving tomorrow night.... :( :( :( We will surely miss him. He's become Andrew's "buddy" and it has been nice to have company while Scott's at work, not to mention all the fun the three of us (Scott, Jacob and I) have had playing Frisbee Golf and Wakeboarding on the Wii, but we wouldn't keep him from all the signings he has over the next month.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankful List part 2

I just remembered that I had challenged myself to post on here at least every other day things that I'm thankful for, thankfully, the last post was day before yesterday! :)

I'm thankful:

  • That I'm able to go with my Husband on his new part time job
  • For my smiling baby (even though he pees, poops, and spits up on me)
  • For CLOTH diapers (they absorb better than disposables)
  • For sisters and brothers who are always eager to see me
  • For parents who are so supportive and loving
  • For in-laws that I not only get along with, but love almost as much as my own parents
  • For a large enough "small" house that we can host guests (like Jacob Parker)
  • For Candles
  • For all the beautiful old hymns
  • For BOOKS!!!!!

I have pictures and a fun post in mind from our visit to Mystic Seaport last weekend, hopefully I'll get that on here before this weekend! :)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Seeing as it is now November and Thanksgiving is just over 3 weeks away, I am going to try posting at least every other day, if not daily with a few things that I'm thankful for to help me to focus more on a Thankful Attitude, and I'd encourage each of my readers to do something similar, even just writing down a list every day!

I'm thankful for:
  • My Saviour, I'd be lost without Him!
  • My wonderful, adoring, Husband
  • My sweet son, Andrew
  • My Mom
  • A warm house as the weather has gotten much cooler over the last couple weeks
  • Encouraging Friends
  • New Friends
  • Time to make dinner
  • For a washer and dryer

There's the start to my list....


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