Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankfulness - Part 6

I'm terribly sorry that this is so late. I should probably schedule posts (as in write them ahead of time), but that would take away from the discipline of taking time every couple days at least, to think about what I'm thankful for.
So, today I'm thankful:
  • That I gave in to Scott and we now have our Christmas tree up "with all the trimmings" (see picture below)
  • That I have continued to stay consistent in exercising daily as it is starting to pay off
  • That I have also been consistent in eating healthier (less bread, more salad and veggies, and choosing healthier snacks like Almonds and Cranberries instead of chips or cake)
  • For the adorable "booties" that my Mom made Andrew (see pictures). I was just thinking yesterday how sad it was that we didn't have any knitted booties (I've always thought they were so neat), and now we do! :)
  • That Andrew and I can accompany Scott for some of his work as it makes for more time "together"
  • That tomorrow we will celebrate 31 months of "togetherness." I just love my husband! :)
  • That I have so many sisters. I love each of them and love when I get to spend time with one or all of them.
  • That even though our second car died (see previous post) I don't have to stay at home every day as my family just loves (it would seem) have a visit from Andrew and I, even when it means they have to pick me up and bring me back home. I'm so blessed!
  • For Water! I drink lots and lots of it, and don't what I'd do without it.
Yes, here's another picture of Andrew. I couldn't decide which one I liked better (the above or below), so I posted them both.
Yes, I know, it's still a week until Thanksgiving. But as you may recall we started listening to Christmas music last week (waking up one morning to snow is what started it) and we kept talking about how we couldn't wait to start decorating for Christmas and Scott kept trying to convince me to get out tree this past weekend. I didn't want to get it now and then have it be dead by Christmas, so we compromised and decided to see how much an artificial one would cost. Well, it's the same price, so we went with an artificial tree (for this year at least, as we do prefer a real tree, particularly going and picking out our real tree). We also found a little village set for a very reasonable price and set that up around the tree. Here is our first Christmas tree, and I must assure you, it looks 100 times more pretty and beautiful in person!

I must run. Someone is ready for bed!


Mom said...

Gee...what "cute" booties!! he he

Loved the picture of Dad, below.

Love you, sweetheart!

Fair Maiden said...

Thanks, Mom! :)
Love you too!

Sister said...

Oh Kelley the pictures of him are just so cute you just wont to pick him up:)

I love your Christmas tree it looks really good in your house:)

Love you and miss you

Love Bekah

Anna said...

Andrew is SO cute!