Sunday, May 30, 2010

2 Corinthians 11:3

"But I am afraid, lest as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds should be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

25 Weeks

(24 weeks, 4 days)

As of today I am 25 weeks along. That means that the baby weighs approximately 1 1/2 pounds and is approximately 13 inches long. Being 25 weeks along also means that if for some reason the baby was born now, it has a very good chance of survival. Although I don't think I'll be having a preemie, it is just amazing to think that that is how fully developed this baby is! As you can see in the above picture, I am really poking out now. You may remember the post I did at 20 weeks. I have not been able to wear that shirt for 2 weeks now! Even when I try on maternity clothes, some of them just barely fit me or I can tell that I'd only get about 2 weeks out of them, if I'm lucky. So when I do go shopping I have to take LOTS into consideration. :)
Scott has started working at a chip factory for the summer as we won't have any other source of income from now until AMG publishers re-release his first book (should be November 1st). I admit that I am VERY spoiled! I miss just knowing my Hubby's in the other room all day. But it means I also get to get creative and think of special snacks to have ready for him when he comes home. We will be moving into a place of our own in June, and we are so excited!!!!! :)
Scott and I discovered while we were on our trip that we enjoy watching cooking shows. So, while Scott is at work, and I'm waiting for him to come home, I have decided that for now, while we have access to television (we won't have cable/satellite at our place) I will watch cooking shows for inspiration instead of one of our movies or the other shows that we own. It has been lots of fun and very educational! Last night I learned a new recipe for Egg Salad (it's not your traditional egg salad, and it looks really good!). I plan on trying it within the next couple days and I will try to remember to take pictures so then I can share it with all of you.
One more week to go and I'll be entering the third and final trimester. I'm so excited to meet this Little One. Yesterday it was moving around a LOT all day long!!!!!! That is to say, I could feel it moving all day long yesterday!
I think that's about it for now.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Although there have not been many frequent posts on my blog lately, life is still going on. As always the Lord is teaching me much and one of those things is living life productively and joyfully. I have not been making good use of my time lately and thanks to the Little One growing inside me, my emotions have been on a roller-coaster over the past month which makes me happy one moment and then "down" the next, for no specific reason at all (that is to say, that my reasons usually don't merit such an emotional response). But God is at work! As of late, I have been very happy indeed! Why? Mainly because I am working on turning my entire focus onto the Lord! What a difference it makes when we are wholly focused on God and living for Him.

Since my last blog post I have been to Harkness two more times with my darling Hubby! A week ago we went for a picnic and here are a couple pictures....
It was a beautiful, warm day and we had so much fun walking and taking pictures. Scott took a lot more than I did though as he's practicing with a new camera he got for a wedding he's doing later this year.

God's creation is so beautiful! When I look at the ocean, I am amazed at how big it is, especially as I think about how what I'm seeing is such a tiny, tiny, part of it!

My birthday was last week and I had a great day! My wonderful, sweet, loving husband bought me the nicest locket! I tried to take a picture of it, but this is the best I got (see below). It has a pink flower on it with the words "I Love You" beside it. It is so pretty, I just love it!

My wonderful Husband also bought me some slippers which I was hoping for as I wear my slippers ALL the time! Last year my Mom found some pretty white slippers that said "Just Married" on them, and by the end of the Fall I had completely worn them out! About a month before our wedding I had bought (didn't know about the other slippers) myself some pink slippers similar to the ones below because I knew I would wear them frequently. Well, after a year of wear, those also have gotten pretty worn out and DIRTY! I wore them a LOT on our trip and by the time we got back they were pretty worn out. So I got new slippers for my birthday! I love them and they are very comfortable!

This week I have been trying to finish a baby blanket that I started crocheting back in February! I could have had it done before March, but did I? No! I am nearing the end, so I am trying to actually finish it and start (and finish) another as well before another month is up!

The pregnancy is going well. I am now 24 weeks, 1 day! I'm measuring perfectly and am very much enjoying all the movement that I am feeling! I know I've been saying it for close to 20 weeks now, but it still amazes me how intricate God's design is and that there is a little human being growing inside of me. It can hear me, it can see the difference if I were to shine a flashlight on my tummy, it's lungs are growing, and it is moving it's little legs and arms and I can feel it! It is just so amazing, it brings me to tears!

I will end here for today, but if you'd like some more great encouragement, go check out my friend Shayna's blog and the great post she shared here.