Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankulness - Part 5

Here's Andrew "hanging out with Grandpa". He looks so serious! :)
Andrew and I had an interesting day yesterday. Not long after Scott left for work he called me and said that the car (our old car that we took on our trip and just spent quite a bit of money on getting it in good working order so Jacob could use it while he was here) had died on him. Immediately I got up and started putting Andrew in his carseat because I new exactly what that meant. I had to go meet him so we could drop him off at work, hopefully before he was very late. The car did start up again and I was able to meet Scott at our local garage (which was a blessing since we didn't have to pay a towing fee or anything) and now we wait to see what they say about the car.
But the day wasn't over yet. After we left Scott at work, Andrew and I did a little grocery shopping on our way home, and then we ate and changed diapers before heading out to Walmart for the bulk of this week's grocery shopping. Now, I had made sure I burped Andrew before we left and all, but sitting in the carseat, on the shopping cart (since I needed quite a few items, there was no way he was going to fit "in" the cart and I had forgotten the sling) must not have agreed with him. He slept most of the time I was shopping, but then he woke up and started fussing, and I mean, really fussing so I picked him up (I was really wishing I had remembered to bring the sling as it's not easy pushing a full cart while consoling a fussy baby) and then he had a big burp and I said "oh, that's why you've been fussing." Then I thought to myself how glad I was that he didn't spit up. Of course, what happened, but I immediately realized he had spit up, all over my neck, my jacket and the straps of my handmade purse. YUCK! I grabbed the receiving blanket that was in the carseat and started wiping off Andrew (oh yes it got all over him too) and prayed "Lord, what do I do?" as I knew the carseat was not a good place for him at that moment and I couldn't reposition the carseat because my hands were full and let's not forget the spit up that was all over me. I glanced down the aisle in front of me and saw a lady from our church (whom I've known my whole life) and thanked the Lord right there. I walked up to her and said, "would you please be a lifesaver and hold Andrew so I can clean myself up?" She was thrilled to hold him (I don't think she had even met him yet) as she loves babies and I felt so blessed that God would time that all so perfectly! Yes, God cares about even the smallest things like having your son spit up on you in the middle of a store (on the opposite end of the bathrooms, no less) and providing some help for you.
Now after that long (perhaps boring), drawn out, story, on to my thankful list (and pretty much a rundown of my day). Today I'm thankful:
  • That I was able to get laundry and dinner done for Scott before he left for work today
  • That Andrew took a 2 hour nap this afternoon
  • That I was able to get clothes folded and put away, my bedroom straightened, and the house vacuumed (it was in dire need of that)
  • That as a result of all the above, most of the house in in very nice order now
  • That Andrew was happy to play (after eating and a diaper change) so I could exercise, finish folding and putting away the last load of laundry for the day organize his clothes (he's constantly outgrowing stuff), and even get over half of the dishes from the last 3 days done. Yes, I have not had a chance to do dishes since my sisters helped me a couple days ago.
  • That Christmas is coming! (I've been listening to Christmas music all this past week.)
  • For Swagbucks as thanks to them I have extra "Christmas money" to spend at Amazon on Scott

I have gotten a lot done today and it's not even over yet (for me, anyway). I hope all my blog readers are having a lovely weekend!


Jessica said...

I love reading your thankful lists, Kelley! How wonderful that your friend from church came at just the right time to help you! :D

I'm so excited for Christmas, too! Though I havn't listened to any Christmas music yet because I always like to wait until the day after gets me all the more excited for it! lol!

HUGS and love you!


Fair Maiden said...

Thank you Jessica!

I think we're making up for last year. We have already started decorating for Christmas (tree and all).
Hugs and love!!!!

Shayna said...

Rejoicing that God provided for you in that way. Little Andrew appears to be growing fast, getting more character in his pictures. Can't wait to meet the little guy. :)