Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful List - Part 4

I'm thankful:

  • For sisters who so lovingy come over to keep an eye on Andrew and help me get lots of work done

  • For soft, fuzzy, blankets (perfect for cool days)

  • That I decided to make myself a salad instead of a sandwich (bread does not help those inches melt, you know?)

  • For Teresa Tapp (yes, I'm working on getting myself back in shape)

  • That I had a boy! :)


Mom said...

Hmmm that last one says it all, doesn't it?? You were so convinced this baby was a girl, but you fell in love instantly with your precious boy!

Love the link to T-Tapp!


Fair Maiden said...

Yes, Mom, it does! I'm glad God's plans don't always coincide with our plans. :)

HD and DD done so far for today!