Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Story

These were my first flowers from my Man. This bouquet, with it's single red rose started the tradition that every bouquet of flowers I receive always has at least one red rose in it.

How We Met
Our families have been close friends since before I was born. So I have known Scott my entire life. Over the years our families remained close. I prayed for Scott every night while he was in Thailand (just because he was a friend in another country) and we kept in touch through email during that time as well. There was never any possibility of anything between us. We just "knew each other." (And we were also 4 1/2 years apart.) As Scott's book started taking shape, I became his "most-faithful-blog-commenter" and got to read one of the drafts of his book and later pre-read the finished/unedited novel. I always had high regard for Scott and at one point I struggled with really liking him and had to work very hard to get over it (which never completely happened). In April of this year, one of my close friends (and Scott's sister), Laura, got married. At the Wedding, Scott was teaching me, my sister, and his brother a dance he had learned down south a few weeks before. We danced through the whole reception, after which my family went back to his house. That night we sat and talked at their kitchen table for 2 1/2 hours. We talked about a huge variety of things including the Bible and different things about the Bible. That day was the beginning of our relationship. We started emailing very long emails within the next couple days and got together a couple times to do some more dancing. Approximately 2 weeks later was my 18th birthday. Scott came over for lunch that day and shared with me that he wanted to take our friendship to the next step, relationship. He wanted to start doing Bible studies and different things together that you just can't do as "friends." A couple days later Scott met with my Dad and made it official. God was definitely orchastrating everything and looking back it is amazing to see just how much He was in it. Within just a couple weeks we were absolutely certain that God had a definite plan for us and that we were going to get married. (Although there were many things that had to come first.) As each month passed, it became quite clear in my mind that at the very earliest we could get married at the end of next year (2009), and I knew (or at least thought I did) that Scott wouldn't propose before Christmas, and most likely not till closer to Spring '09. But, that story is for another day. . .


Shayna said...

Kelley, I am sooo excited that you have a blog. Yay! I will be looking forward to reading your future posts!! :)

Eden C. said...

so glad to see you have a blog! how fun! and great to hear your story again! :)