Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our Story

Part 2: The Proposal

Well, I'm finally back to write about how we got engaged. So, as I was saying, it didn't appear that Scott would propose until Christmas '08 or Spring '09. So I certainly was not on the watch for a proposal. But I was to be surprised. On September 10, 2008, Scott and I were going to Harkness Memorial Park and then out to lunch for the first time, by ourselves. Up to this point we had never gone out to eat just the two of us so this was a special (although I was unaware of just how special it would be). When Scott came to pick me up, he brought me a lovely bouquet of Roses. Then, as we were leaving, Scott grabbed a package from his car (we were taking my car). I said, "the roses weren't enough?" He said, "no, and you can't open the package until later." After we'd been driving for a bit, I asked him what was in the package? He said that he would give me a hint: "some stories have yet to be written." He thought for sure that I had figured it out, but I was totally clueless. I thought, "a journal? Does he want me to start writing out our story?" I was completely lost, which made it all the better for him. When we got to the park, we took a blanket and the package with us, and started walking. it was a beautiful, sun-shinny day and comfortably warm. I don't think there was a cloud in site. I figured that eventually we would sit down somewhere looking out over the ocean, and that that would be when I would open the package. We walked through the rock garden at Harkness, and when we reached the top of some steps, all of a sudden Scott said, "why don't you open the package now?" I said, "right now?" I thought this was an awkward place to open the package, standing up and all, but he was in charge of this day, so I would do whatever he wanted me to. So I opened up the package and found a book that's actually a box. So I opened the box, and it was full of peices of pink tissue paper. I was thinking "I don't get it, what is with all the tissue paper?" Finally Scott reached over and moved some of the paper, and uncovered a small black, velvet box. It still didn't dawn on me what was going on. I thought, "a necklace? No, the box is too small, it must be earrings." Scott took out the box, and was on his knee, by this time and yet I was still clueless. He opened the box and started talking, and finally it dawned on me that he was actually proposing, right now, that was a ring! I didn't say anything at first, and he kept talking and finally I realized that I hadn't responded so I all of a sudden said "yes" right in the middle of a sentence. It was wonderful. The ring is beautiful, and the inside is engraved with "My Angel Forever 4-08 (when it all started)," and on June 6, 2009 I am going to be the happiest and most blessed woman alive. God is so good.


Shayna said...

I enjoyed reading this muchly!!

Scott Appleton said...

I'm waiting for a new post, My Love! (-: You are wonderful. I love you so much.