Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I love shoes. Ask anyone, I have several pairs of shoes (not as many as some, as I do get rid of the shoes I don't wear or that don't fit me) and I never have enough. But shoes for me have to be pretty and comfortable. So naturally, for my Wedding day I have to have just the right pair of shoes. Now, just one year ago I discovered my absolute favorite pair of shoes. They are "American Eagle Millie Bow Ballet" from Payless. At the time there were 3 colors. Black, Pink and White. I bought the Black ones and told my Mom that "I really should buy these white ones too because they would make the PERFECT wedding shoes." Of course my Mom did not go for that as "it could be 5 years before you wore them." Well, then I got engaged, and there was a "slight" problem (as far as attire/shoes go). The shoes now only came in Black, Brown, and Shimmery Gold. And, I knew that the White shoes would be perfect. They're flats, they're comfortable, and they would go perfectly with my dress. Buuuuutttttt, they weren't available. So, I didn't stress too much over it. I just kept praying and hoping that come spring they would have the White shoes again. So, now that it's March, I went online yesterday to see what I could find because I had decided that these would be the perfect shoes for the Bridesmaids as well. Low and behold, Praise the Lord, the white shoes were there! I am so happy. We ordered all 9 pairs that were needed and they're coming next week. So, here are the shoes:

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Shayna said...

Very cute Kelley!! I'm so glad you were able to get the shoes you wanted!! :)