Saturday, July 25, 2009

God is Faithful

I have had quite the week. It's certainly not what I had planned for this week, but than, God's plans are not always our plans are they? I have had much time resting, although not always resting enough. I am very much like my Dad. I think I'm doing good, and there's so many things I could be doing, that I think "I'll just do this thing, and then I'll put my feet up again." The biggest thing I've discovered is that sitting on a chair cross-legged or with my knees up is not resting. Resting means that whether sitting on the couch, or reclining on my bed, my feet must be up.
I had plans for today, my Husband's booksigning in Farmington (at this really nice Borders), and then a graduation party for 2 of my friends. However, I can't do either. I need to rest with my feet up as much as possible. My Mom reminded me this morning that "it's okay, God must have His reasons for you not being able to do what you wanted to today." I knew she was right, and God was already starting to impress that on my heart, she just reinforced the Truth. (Aren't mothers so great? :) )
Since I was going to be by myself today, 2 of my sisters slept over last night and this morning they blessed me in making my Husband breakfast before he had to leave and preparing breakfast for myself as well. They then cleaned everything up and have started making supper for me (in between taking turns playing Chess :) ). They are so helpful, and I am very blessed to have them.
Through everything this week, God has been as faithful as ever in always being right by my side, giving me the strength I need.


Sher said...

I'm so sorry. I did not know. And I visited with Mom & Dad just last Weds and they never mentioned it. Sometimes people don't mention it, and they ignore that you miscarried. I appreciated it when my sister acknowledged my loss.She was the only one.

So again, I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. And time is the only thing that will heal the loss. (hugs)

Fair Maiden said...

Thank you. We are doing well, although I have my moments at times, but that is to be expected. :)