Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Long Time

Wow! I had not realized that it has been an entire month since I last posted. Time certainly does fly. The last month has definately been a good month though. Scott's book is selling well and we have officially passed the 1,000 mark. (YAY!!!!!!) We have had many booksignings over the last month and most of them we have sold out.

The last 2 weeks have been lots of fun as my Uncle, his oldest son, and my Aunt and her son all from CA were visiting, and so we had lots of family get togethers. It was the first time in 12 years that my Mom, her 3 sisters, and their brother were all together in the same room. It was lots of fun to listen to them all talking, especially when they started telling stories of when they were younger. It was a great time, although I must admit that some of my "housekeeping" duties got a little neglected. Although I still kept on top of dishes and laundry. :)

The best night was on Friday. My cousin (S) stayed with my family the entire time they were here, except for one night, and as the days went by, he was asking my brothers about the Lord, and being saved. They shared their testimonies with him (he's 11) at one point, and he kept saying that he wanted to be saved. Every night, my sister (C) prays for each of the younger kids individually, and so my cousin wanted her to pray for him every night too. Well, on Friday, everyone was getting ready for bed, but my brother-in-law and I were over and we were going to stay up with 2 of my sisters (C & R) and watch a movie or something. My parents headed to bed and we were instructed to make sure that the boys quieted down soon and went to sleep. Shortly after that, my youngest brother came out and asked C to come into their room. She went in there, and the boys told her that S wanted to be saved. (Praise the Lord!) So C spent quite some time talking with him and sharing different things from the Bible with him and he accepted the Lord as his Savior. It was so awesome! Us older "kids" went in and prayed with him/over him, afterward, and then when we came back out, we just had to keep talking about the Lord. We sat up for over 2 hours after that, talking about the Lord, and His word, and living for Him, and it was just a great time of fellowshipping with other believers who just happen to be your sisters and brother. :) It was incredible.

On a different note, here are a few pictures from the wedding, finally! Enjoy!!!

This is my friend Kelsie, and I while we were at the hall setting things up, the day before the wedding.

This is Kelsie and I on our way home from the rehearsal (we went home and I pampered us and my family. We all soaked our feet and we did our hands too. It was very relaxing!).

Me taking out my hair on the way to the church (we were running later than I had planned and my hair had to "set" before I could do anything to it. Yes, I did my own hair, and it was the best thing to do, for me anyway. I was totally relaxed about my hair and did a "style" that no matter how it turned out, it would look good, and I'd be happy with it.).

Kelsie and I before the ceremony.

Me and my beautiful Flower Girl (my youngest sister). My hair was still "setting" and so for some of these "before the ceremony" pictures, my hair doesn't always look good, but it's okay for this one. :)

Yes, Scott carried me down the aisle. Everyone loved it. Everyone also said that he "swooped" me up very smoothly, but we did practice several times. :)

Husband and Wife


Sher said...

Lovely photos thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

It was good to see pictures. I think they are really nice.

Miss you.


Scott Appleton said...

Nice post, My Love!