Friday, October 2, 2009


Today, I would just like to share with you a paragraph from 'A Woman After God's Own Heart' as food for thought. And yes, I'm still studying Submission.

"Remember to respect--- Submission flows from the basic heart attitude of respect. God states, "Let the wife see that she respects her husband" (Ephesians 5:33). God isn't tellin us to feel respect, but to show respect, to act with respect. A good way to measure our respect for our husband is to answer the question, Am I treating my husband as I would treat Christ Himself?
"You reveal your respect for your husband in little daily instances. Do you, for instance, ask your husband to do something--or do you tell him? Do you stop, look, and listen to him when he's talking? Do you speak about him with respect?"


Sher said...

I agree with you here. You can attract more bees with honey etc.... It's how you phrase your sentence gets one farther in communication. But there are
"hon, can you take out the garbage? I'm making supper and don't want to get my hands dirty."

one gets a "sure".

30 mins later nothing done. "hon, it's over flowing."

reply "just one more inning and I'll do it"

another 30 mins and it's time to serve supper. Still nothing.

Then it's time for: "if you don't take out the garbage, you're not getting anything to eat." LOL!

Fair Maiden said...

That's funny! :) But what I shared was in the context of having the concept/attitude of submission.

Anonymous said...

I've thought lately about whether or not I am actually looking my husband in his eyes when I talk with him or listen to him. And to take it even further, if I ask and he doesn't do it in "my" time table, do I take care of it on my own and keep bitterness from taking root? Do I smile and thank him sweetly when he does it at a later time? How often is our 1st response (on either side) one of impatience, taking offense, or just speaking without thinking? What if we take a second and a breath and respond with an honoring/a "valuing", if you will, tone?

Hmmm some good thoughts, dear Daughter!