Sunday, March 14, 2010

No, I'm Not Dead :)

I know, I know, there has not been a new post in over week! I am still alive, I just don't have wireless internet access and am not getting much computer access either. Sad to say, you may not get much of a real post for the next week or two.

Everything is going well. We are in North Carolina and enjoying visiting some of Scott's family in between book events. I am finally completely out of the first trimester sickness stuff and am just waiting to get home and go to my eye doctor to see about helping my headaches/migraines become less of an issue as currently they are a daily occurrence! :) (No, it is NOT fun!)

Baby seems to be doing well and I can't wait to here the heartbeat when I have my first prenatal visit! I must say, I am TOTALLY siked about this baby!!!!!!

That's about it for now. My eyes can't take much time on the computer without giving me a headache and my head is reminding me that I've been on here too long already.


Jessica said...

I am very,very happy to hear that you arn't dead :D Hee, hee! I hope your headaches/migraines go away soon:(
No fun!

Love you!


Leah said...

I am very glad to hear that you are over the sickness part, and I will be praying for the headache part! I enjoyed seeing your baby bump pictures :) So exciting!



Fair Maiden said...

Jessica, I am glad that YOU are glad that I'm not dead!!!! :) Thank you, I hope my headaches go away soon too! :)

Thank you Leah, I am glad that you enjoy the pictures. I have a couple new pictures to put up but do not have the necessary connections yet. :(

Hugs to you both!!!!