Friday, March 19, 2010


Smile. Lately my darling husband has had to remind me to smile more often than I realized was necessary. What I mean is that I hadn't realized that I hadn't been smiling as much. During the first trimester I was feeling pretty miserable every day and so I know that I must not have been smiling as much. Sad to say, I think it started becoming a habit. When I'm looking at things in a store or just sitting around relaxing, I have not been smiling. The thing is, I have so many reasons to smile. My Husband, the Baby, family, how God is continuously showing Himself to me, good friends, and so many, many other things. So I asked myself, "why aren't I smiling?" Do you know what my answer was? "I don't know." I try to make some lame excuse only to realize that it isn't even valid.

I think that sometimes we get so caught up in all that is going on around us and where we are, thinking about what's going on now, what has happened in the past, the future, or whatever that we forget to smile and think about all that God is doing and be thankful. It takes such few muscles to smile and we never know how our smile may be blessing someone else.

So, just smile. Think of one thing you can smile about and let it radiate through you! :)

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Jessica said...

Thanks, Kelley :) This was good for me...especially since I was having such a hard time smiling at anything last night. I need to focus on the good things instead of all the overwhelming things :)

Love you!