Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Presents

There are only 4 days left till Christmas!!!! Here is a picture as a result of my wrapping the other day. It's not all that I wrapped that day, and there are more done now, but it gives you an idea. :)

How is everyone else doing with there gifts? Any baking yet? I got my Mom's recipe for Cinnamon Rolls today which I will take up her tradition and be making them on Christmas Eve, for Christmas morning! Perhaps, if I remember to take a picture, I can post about them! :)


Farmgirls said...

I made oatmeal/m&m cookies today...aka monster cookies :)

I have TWO more presents to make!!! One, of which, is almost done :)

I am getting more excited for Christmas!! :)


Fair Maiden said...

Mmm, those sound YUMMY! :)

Awesome! Keep at it! Your almost done!

I know, I keep getting more excited about Christmas too! :)

Seven Sisters said...

Those presents are so pretty! I haven't been baking, but I have eaten plenty of Susannah's cookies :-D I also have only 2 presents to go...yay! Yay! Yay!

We also got more snow this morning---I'm so excited : )

Love and a hug!


Fair Maiden said...

Thanks, Jessica!

You got more snow? I am so jealous! It was sort of sleeting/raining when I woke up, but it's not doing anything now. :(

Love and hugs! :)

Seven Sisters said...

Shall I send some in the mail for you?! :-D I hear we're supposed to have freezing rain on Christmas Eve--bleh! I am praying that it will turn to snow only!



Fair Maiden said...

Thanks, I would love that! Hee, hee... :) Oh, I hope we don't have freezing rain on Christmas Eve... :(

Hugs! :)

Trisch said...

Well, just so my girls don't have a monopoly on the comments here.... :)

Let's see....I have LOTS I'd *like* to get done, but, I have four completely done, three almost done, one well on its way and three that need to be started! LOL!

AND I have to go do some shopping or my poor dh will be getting all IOUs from me! *blush!*

Missing you guys!



Fair Maiden said...

I hope you get done everything you need to, Trisch! :) The shopping too... :)

We're certainly missing you all too! :)