Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Creation Museum

Yesterday we had the exciting opportunity to go to the Creation Museum. The exhibits were very well done and lots of fun to see! :) I didn't get too many pictures on my camera (and I don't know how to get Scott's from his camera to my computer) but I did manage a few! :) Below is a poor picture of an exhibit right in the main entry:
The birds in the next to pictures are all Finches! They were so much fun to watch!

Here is a Chameleon that I could not seem to get a picture of without his tail glowing! :)

Oh, and did I mention that we got to go to the Grand Canyon?

Here is a SCARY dinosaur! :) No, it's not alive although it looked real enough to be. If you stood to his side and looked at his eye, it looked like he was watching you!

It was pretty cold out, but it didn't keep us from walking the garden, and going to the petting zoo. Here we are on our way back to the Museum (we were getting pretty cold by then!) :)

It was a great day! We ate lunch at "Noah's Cafe" (sorry, I didn't get a picture). Scott had a sandwich, and I had a wrap (all very good). After eating we went and spent quite a bit of time in the Bookstore (see Scott's Blog for a picture) and spent $110 on books, including Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium by Ken Ham, After the Flood by Bill Cooper, and Taking Back Astronomy by Jason Lisle. We got a couple more books and a DVD titled: State of the Nation with Ken Ham. It was done in July '09, and we are greatly looking forward to watching it! When our children are old enough to read, we want to have lots of good books available, and in the mean time it's always great to brush up on and learn new things! :)
One thing is for sure, we serve an Awesome, Incredible, Creator!


Susannah said...

It is all very well done! We enjoyed it all too!
Did you get to see the entire museum? Looks like you had fun :) We also ate at Noah's Cafe when we were there :)


Scott Appleton said...

Your pictures turned out fine, Darling! ...And I can't wait to start sharing things we learn with our kids.... I'm still holding on to my hope for a great Mahogany library in our own home.

Fair Maiden said...

Susannah, yes, we got to see the entire museum! It was so much fun! :)

Thank you, Darling! I can't wait to teach our children about God's wonderful creation! Don't worry, I'm with you on the Mahogany Library! :)

Seven Sisters said...

I saw your twitter status say that you were going to go to the Creation Museum and I was going to tease you that you just had to do a post on it : D So of course I greatly enjoyed reading about it!!!

Love and {HUGS}!


Allison Elizabeth said...

Cool! I have always wanted to go to the creation museum. Maybe someday...

Allison Elizabeth