Thursday, December 31, 2009


Faith. Such a soft word with such a stron meaning. To the ear, "Faith" has a soft, gentle tone to it, but to my heart, "Faith" holds so much meaning and depth. To me, Faith means the truest and deepest trust and belief.

The meaning/definition of faith includes: Confidence, Trust, Belief which is not based on proof. Belief in Something, someone, anything, and loyalty.

It is my Faith, my trust, my belief in God that has carried my these last 19 years, through every trial and joy that has come my way. It is that same faith that I know will carry me through all the trials and joys to come.

Without God, I'm nothing. But with Him, I can withstand the most horrible of trials. God is faithful. I know He will always stand by me, no matter what.

~Written July 21, 2009, the day before I miscarried~

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