Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day (a day late)

So, I meant to do this post yesterday, but my computer was acting up and had to settle for reading more of Scott's second book (which I'm loving, by the way). In past years, (once I was old enough to realize what Valentine's day was) my Valentine's day was spent corralling my siblings into planning surprises for Mom and Dad to make the day special, for them! :) It usually included serving them dinner (that we cooked) in another room of the house so they could eat by themselves. Last year was a little different. For the first time I had my very own Valentine, my Fiance! However, my Valentine was going to be working on V-day so we celebrated on February 11th which was his day off. He surprised me with a small red bear, flowers in a mug (with hearts on it, of course), Chocolates, and a very nice lunch! He had the whole day planned out for us! We decided that from that day on we should always celebrate Valentine's day on the 11th. (As you can tell, I will take any opportunity to show my husband he means the world to me, so even though Valentine's day is a "worldly thing" we can still take advantage of it!)

So this year, I made plans for us. I made sure I had the ingredients for a Chocolate cake (that ended up with a pink heart on the frosting thanks to sprinkles) and also bought the ingredients to make us a nice meal. I couldn't find a nice card, so I wrote him a love letter, which I knew he'd prefer anyway. Knowing my husband, as I looked at all the valentine candy (and the ridiculous prices) I finally decided to get him some ordinary Reeses Cups! They're his favorite and since I don't prefer them (although I don't mind them, but that means I always go for something else if we're deciding to get a little treat) I knew he'd love to have them!
Now, I will admit that I did constantly remind Scott that since he got me a bear (that was maybe 6 inches tall) last year, he had to get me one this year. I told him it could be really small, I didn't care, but he had started a tradition, and he should keep it! So, on February 10th, he went shopping and I made our cake (which he didn't know about). We ended up deciding to start our little celebration that night because we were going to get the house to ourselves. After he got back I had asked him to go get me something from the car and to just put it on our bed in the bedroom. Well, then he kept telling me that he had done that and that I should go make sure he got the right thing (or something like that). So I went into the bedroom and found this (see below) sitting on my pillow with a single Red Rose sticking out of the heart! It was so sweet (although a bit bigger than I had expected!!!! :) )

Scott wanted me to see it right away so the Rose could get into some water, and apparently the large bear (instead of a smaller one) was because he didn't like any of the smaller ones! That's okay, I love my bear! I especially like that it has the year right on it!!! :) I have the most wonderful husband!

So, what did you all do for Valentine's day?
As a side note, here is a picture from our stay with Bryan Davis and his family:


railrunner said...

Kelley, I'm shocked! Participating in such a "worldly" holiday like Valentines!! (:
I'm glad you two had a great Valentines together!
Lets see, what did I do for Valentines?...Well, for starters I let everyone on Facebook know that my dog Lana was my Valentine this year, and then I spent the day doing completely un-valentine stuff!! (:
Hope you and the baby are still doing great, I keep all three of you in my prayers always.

Jessica said...

I loved reading about your Valentines Day, Kelley! That is a very cute "little" bear :D

I got your wonderful e-mail last week...and don't worry, I didn't forget you : D I am at the K. house for this week helping out (and having lots of fun!) : D But I will write you when I get back home : )

Miss you!



Fair Maiden said...

Brian, LOL! Lana is a very good Valentine. Probably didn't get too mushy on you, right? Haha!
Baby and I are doing great (almost done with the first trimester, YAY!) and Baby is doing lots of growing!
Thanks for your prayers! I REALLY appreciate them!!!!

Fair Maiden said...

Thanks Jessica! I know, isn't that just the cutest "little" bear??? :) Hehehe!

Well I hop you keep having lots of fun (you'll have to tell me all about it) and I'm looking forward to your email!
Missing you too!