Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 13

Today I am 13 weeks along in the pregnancy! I am just SOOOO excited! I'm really hoping that the baby is a girl (although I'll be happy either way). I have had 3 dreams so far about the baby being a girl or holding a newborn girl (didn't figure out who's baby it was before waking up). So, we'll see.... :) I am doing well. The past few days have been pretty rough with feeling very nauseous after eating anything. It is beautiful weather here in Georgia. Yesterday it was raining and it was still fifty degrees out. I just love when the sun is shining and I go outside and it actually feels like the sun is shining because it is so warm. :) Of course, have I taken advantage of this nice weather and gone for a walk? Not yet, but I'm planning to. :)

Here is my first "baby bump" picture. Not much yet, but I wanted to start when I am barely showing so I (and anyone else) can see the progression each week.

On Saturday Scott was doing a signing at a mall and I decided to walk through some stores (imagine my delight when I found a Motherhood Maternity store there). I found this jacket (I'm always wearing one of these, and 2 of mine don't fit anymore because they are too tight if I zip them up) and Scott said I could get it. I was so excited!!! :)

Then Scott was looking around at all their sale items (the jacket was on sale too, I was so happy) and found this outfit and told me to try it on because he really liked it. So I did, and he said we should get it. It's so nice when my husband is looking for things for me. :) I don't remember even seeing this outfit when I was looking around before.

So, it's official, I have bought my first maternity clothes. :) They are SOOOO comfortable! You can't see much of the pants in the above picture, but they are cotton and are so comfy! My husband has GREAT taste! :)

As you may notice in all of these pictures, I am now wearing only my glasses. I have a lovely tendency to get headaches that turn into migraines almost every day and my contacts do NOT help in that area. So for now I am just sticking to my glasses. I just hope I can wear my contacts again by the time the baby's born. I miss my contacts!!!! I forgot how quickly one's glasses get dirty! :)
I haven't been up to too much lately other than accompanying Scott on his book signings (which we had every day last week). We are enjoying a few days rest before it starts again. :) We can't wait to get home (to CT) and stay in the same place for more than 3 weeks! :)


Scott Appleton said...

I love you!
You are going to be a great mother.

Fair Maiden said...

Thank you, Sweetest of Husbands!!!! :) You're going to be a great father!!!!! Love you too!

Anonymous said...

I was looking at your picture and couldn't figure out why you looked so different until I read the part where you talked about your glasses! :D I can't wait to see you in person. Hope all is well.

Jessica said...

I love your pictures, Kelley! And the "Baby" clothes :D When I was little, I used to wear a nightshirt as a nightgown that was actually a maternity nightshirt of Mommy's when she was expecting me...it said "Baby 86" on the front and I LOVED it :D

Love and hugs!!!


Jessica said...

I forgot to say that I am jealous of your warm temperatures and being able to feel the nice warm sun :D That sounds very nice!!!


Fair Maiden said...

Oh, that's so cute about the nightshirt! :)
Yeah, as to the nice weather, today it was cloudy and around 45. :( And tonight it felt cooler. I guess it's supposed to rain tonight, bringing cold weather again. :( I was really enjoying the warm weather! :)

Anonymous said...

Kelley :)

I love the clothes. They are adorable. Glad you posted the baby bump picture. So small but soo cute at the same time. You look beautiful.

I'm thinking of you!!

Fair Maiden said...

Thanks, Kelsie! I'm glad yo like the pictures! :) However, I can't STAND wearng my glasses! :)

Thinking of you too!

Connie said...

Awww I just love that baby bump. Looking forward to seeing you guys again when you get back to CT. Hope you start to feel less nauseous soon.

Fair Maiden said...

Thanks Connie! I've been feeling slightly better yesterday and today so that is really good. Main thing is keeping LOTS of food in me (I still can't believe that even though I'm eating more than I ever have in my life, I'm not gaining a whole lot of weight. Which is nice, of course! :) )

Susannah said...

Love the pictures! And looking forward to more! :)

{I finally sent your e-mail}