Tuesday, April 13, 2010

20 Weeks

Today I am 20 weeks pregnant!!!! Woohoo!!! [Approximately] half-way there! Hopefully this baby comes on time (or even a little early would be nice! :) ).

The baby weighs between 9 and 10 ounces and is over 6 inches long (head to rump). Including it's legs, the baby is approximately 10 inches long! So, all in all, the baby is somewhere around the length of a banana. Which seems very strange when I think that I have a baby that is that long in my belly! :) Unfortunately I have not taken any profile shots lately so I don't have a picture today. :( I will however try very hard to make sure there is one for my next post.

I know I haven't written in over a week, and I am sorry to say that it is because my mind seems to have shut down a bit. What I mean is that every time I think of writing a post, I can't think of a whole lot to write about. We are greatly enjoying being home and back with family. It seemed like we were gone for so long.

I am enjoying being home so much that I have been neglecting my computer. I have 100+ new emails and sometimes it gets a little too close to 200. I go through and delete the ones I can every few days, and tackle a handful of the emails that need responses and so on, and so forth. I think I got backed up when we first got back to CT and I didn't touch my computer for over a week!

Scott and I have been married for 10 months and 1 week. The day we got back (after driving 12 1/2 hours from NC) my husband ended up driving 12 1/2 hours back to NC that very night because of an emergency in his family. I stayed up here because mentally and physically I was not prepared for the trip so shortly after arriving home. The next day felt like torture. I started off the day trying to be cheerful and get the errands done that needed to be done (mind you I cried myself to sleep the night before). But it was not easy. In the entire time that we had been married, we had never spent more than 9 hours apart and knowing he was so far away did not help. He decided to fly back the following morning which meant so much to both of us, but I was very glad to learn (as a result of our short seperation) that I loved him so much I couldn't bear being apart for even 36 hours! It gave me a greater understanding of what it must be like for all the wives of our men overseas and made me value my time with my husband even more. I know that in the future there will be nights when we will not be able to be together because of book stuff and what not, but I am determined to keep the number of those nights as low as possible! The baby and I will go wherever he goes, no matter what it means. I am so thankful and grateful for my husband. God continues to amaze me in how His blessings continue to overflow.

This month is a very special month as it is my parents' 25th wedding anniversary and my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. I am so thankful that God has given me such a great example of what it means to stick things out and be willing to walk together through the thick and thin.

Well, I guess I did find something to write about. I hope it wasn't too confusing! :)

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