Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I have been reading The Mom Walk by Sally Clarkson and I would like to share a couple quotes with you.

"I realized that one of the roles God wants me to play in my children's lives is a conductor of joy, happiness, and celebration. After all, God designed our need for these things into our hearts. We were made to enjoy life and our Creator, and we were meant to choose to live in His beauty and provision.
"This doesn't mean I won't have difficulties or times of depression. But I do have choices I can make as a mom that will determine the environment in my home." (Sally Clarkson)

This does not only apply to the role of mother, but also of wife. When I am joyful and cheerful, looking for opportunities to praise God, the whole atmosphere in my house changes. We don't have children in the house just yet (although Little One is frequently reminding me that it is on it's way :) ) and I can only imagine how much my attitude will effect the environment of our home, because I know that it does now, and once the children are coming along it will only be even more important and vital that I am not always downcast, focused on all my "duties and responsibilities" instead of focusing on the gift of my children and all that the Lord is doing. Now is the time to be practicing this because it is just as important and vital that we look at our responsibilities with delight, especially for the sake of our Husbands (or families if you aren't married yet).

I will end this post with one more quote:

"To neglect enjoying God and His own wonderful ways in my life is to not really know Him or grow in Him. For at the very basis of His character are love, life, beauty, and joy. To know Him is to know goodness. To walk with Him is to walk in lovingkindness, pleasure, and delight." (Sally Clarkson)


Eden said...

Sounds like a great book! I really needed that encouragement. thanks for sharing. :)

Fair Maiden said...

It is great! I had to refrain myself from posting the entire chapter I was on! :) I'm glad you were encouraged. :)

Connie said...

Fabulous reminders...keep 'em coming. Perhaps I ca borrow that one when you are through.

Fair Maiden said...

Hey Connie! I just finished another blog post that will post at 12am... anyway, I'd love to let you borrow the book, but it's not mine, it's Mom's. :) So, when I finish it, you can ask her. :) How does that sound? It's and AWESOME book! One that I'm going to have to add to my collection as soon as I have enough amazon gift cards. :)