Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Warning: Long Post

Well, I'm a little late seeing as I planned to do this post 5 days ago, but oh well, that's life. :)
I am now 31 weeks, 1 day along. KallyLyn was correct last week when she guessed that I had 9 weeks, 6 days until my due date. Of course, today it's only 8 weeks, 6 days until my due date. But who's counting, right? :)

The baby's movement has certainly stepped up! I think I talk about the baby's movement every time I do a post. :) But every time I'm updating, everything is more than it was before, and I just have to take notice! I have been able to feel arms, legs, it's back, it's bottom, (not so much it's head anymore as that seems to be staying down more, which is a good thing....) all with just the thin layer of skin between us. It is so neat! Today the baby's knee was poking right out and when I touched it, it moved over a couple inches before pulling back in. Baby's are just so neat! God's design is just incredible!!!!!!! I can't wait to meet this precious, Little One!

As you can see, I am definitely "popping out". I can not see my feet anymore, and it is getting a bit hard to pick things up off the floor. If it is just one item, and I have nothing else in my hand, then I can usually do it, but if I'm holding something else or I need to spend more than 2 seconds down near the floor, it's hard! :)

And now, for a tour of our new home. However, please keep in mind that even though we've been here for 3 1/2 weeks now, we are still in the process of figuring out where things should go and getting everything set up just how we want it. But, if I waited until we were completely done and I had enough time to do it, then I'm sure I would have no readers left because everyone would have given up on me. :)

Here is our bedroom. As you can see there are still some boxes to be unpacked. The towel over our window is because this room has 3 windows and as soon as the sun starts coming up, it is streaming into our room while we are trying to finish off our night's sleep. Here is a full view of our bed (and Teddy) and the lovely quilt that we received as a wedding gift.

Moving down the hall..... Here is our bathroom.
And a view of our hallway:

And now we enter the beloved, Baby's Room. However, as you can see it is not fully the "Baby's Room" just yet. :) Just the other day I finished the curtains in their. If you click on the picture you can see that they are Winnie the Pooh themed. You can also see here what we have left to take care of and get out of the bedroom before my shower which is in 2 1/2 weeks. We've also been "throwing" stuff on the shelves and I plan on reorganizing them (and the books on them) once we finish emptying our last boxes.

This is the one area in the baby's room that is obviously "baby" at the moment. I have diaper and wipes samples from when we set up our gift registries, along with the diaper bag (and some little girl outfits and a Winnie the Pooh "blankie" (as in, Pooh-head attached to a mini blanket) that are inside) and our first cloth diapers which came in today! I was so excited to get them!

Here is the wall right next to the door with more things to be organized. :)

Here is our Kitchen table and you can see my first curtain that I made.

A full view of our kitchen. I also made the valance curtain for this window as well.

Here is Scott in our Living Room writing on his day off! :) From what he's told me, he's gotten a lot of writing done on his third book! The purple yarn on the side of the couch is the beginning of my second baby blanket. (Come back later to find out what happened to my first baby blanket.)

And here is where I've been sitting today, working away on my computer as Scott has worked on his.

Big announcement coming soon!!!
But first, I must go finish dinner so my darling Husband and I can eat. Oh, how I love Crockpots!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Kelley! You are looking so cute with you baby bump. Can't believe the change since the last time you posted a picture. Glad everything is going well. Hope to see you soon.


Mom said...

NICE shirt!! And WOW--you are looking BIG!! :) You missed the other bookcase in the living room. And do I need to point out any spelling or other errors?? he he Can't stop being Mom and Teacher, can I? Everything looks lovely!
Love, Mom

Fair Maiden said...

Thanks Hannah!

Haha, Mom! :) That's right, I forgot I got that shirt while you guys were gone. It's one of your gifts to me... :)

Jessica said...

Oh it's been too long since I've been over here! I missed all the suspense of finding out what your big announcement was :D

I loved hearing about the baby, and getting a tour of your new neat!

Here's a computer {HUG}...can't wait sometime to give you a REAL one! :D

Love you!


Anonymous said...

Kelley you look so beautiful and I like the shirt...:)

Fair Maiden said...

Jessica, I had a feeling you hadn't been over here in awhile since you always leave such nice comments! :)
I'm glad you enjoyed the tour of my new house. I'm certainly enjoying living in it (and we have plenty of room that between my parents and us we can comfortably fit oh, say 11 people.... ;) *hint,hint*)
Hugs back at you!!!!

Thank you, Anonymous!!!