Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stuff... Update

As I sit here starring at this blank page I am trying to decide how to start off my new post. I am posting because it's been awhile since my last post, baby could come at any time (which would most likely mean some more time would pass before another post), and I have some time on my hands.

I was very pleased with myself for finally clearing off my kitchen table (it's needed it for, oh about 3 weeks now) and then moving the table lengthwise along the wall to give us more room for the impending water birth. I also swept and mopped the kitchen floor and did some laundry. I must say, it always feels so good to get my house in good order!

This week we also moved Scott's desk from our bedroom to the baby's room to make room for the Cradle in our room. Everything fit just perfectly, and now we really feel "ready" for the baby. That is, as ready as we'll ever be. It is only by God's grace that we will be good, godly parents.

Now for an update on the pregnancy....

The day of my prenatal appointment this past week, my feet were more swollen then they'd ever been and I had gained 7 pounds in 1 week. (Yes, that freaked me out!) So as a result of that (and other things) I went and got some blood work done to check my iron, blood cell counts, etc. Everything was right where they should be which was very nice and since my appointment I went down a pound, and have stayed just below that initial amount the past 5 days instead of climbing over the course of the week. Of course, I have also been doing more exercising this week (as in daily) compared to last week (which was once or twice).

Now on to the baby... :) Baby seems to be posterior, which means it's facing toward the front instead of toward my back. However, it is also very active and a lot of the times feels like it lying on my side more then anything. So, we will just wait and see. When a baby is posterior that means that you have a lot more back labor (which is more uncomfortable than normal labor).

On Thursday night I had a good 3 1/2 hours of contractions that were more than the normal braxton hicks, but as you can see (due to lack of pictures, etc.) although they were close together, they weren't very consistent and eventually died off. Even though I was very disappointed that they didn't get more intense I know my body is prepping itself for labor (which is coming since I am 38 weeks, 4 days along now) and as my midwife encouraged me, I am enjoying my last days of just me and my Hubby. :)

Another exciting thing for me this week was that my Mom found me a three maternity shirts (sizes M, L, and XL) on clearance that she surprised me with! Everywhere I've gone I haven't found anything, and I was refusing to spend more than $15 on a shirt that I'd only wear for a few short weeks. The size M shirt is a little short (although longer than all my other maternity shirts) and so I will no doubt get more wear out of it over the first couple months after the baby is born and then save it for the next pregnancy. The other two shirts are nice and long and look nice (of course the fact that they don't have any stains on them... yet.... is very nice) and it just totally made my week to be able to have 2 new shirts in particular that are comfortably loose, and don't look so "drab". :) My Mom is so great!!!!
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Okay, I think that's about all for now. Don't forget to do something special for your spouse (or a family member) today, "just because" and enjoy your weekend. :)


Shayna said...

Oh Kelley, little Appleton's arrival is getting so close. I can't wait to here the news. Somebody better be in charge of keeping everybody updated via Facebook. I want second by second notices. J/K :) And I'm so glad your mom gifted you with new shirts ~ I bet you felt so glamourous. Oh, and congratulations on your first Etsy sale. I know that is exciting!! Love ya and know that I'm praying for you.

Fair Maiden said...

Shayna, We'll do our best to keep everyone updated.... :) Thanks! It was exciting to have my first sale! Love you too! (And miss you!!!!)

Brittney said...

I watched my sister have back labor with her first baby, and so I asked my midwife what are things to do to avoid that. She recommended doing an exercise where you get on your hands and knees and arch your back up and down. Gravity will pull your baby's weight around to the front. I know another lady who's big pregnancy thing was to scrub floors on her hands and knees, and she never ever had back labor (and she had 13 babies!). So perhaps just spending some time in that position every day while you wait for labor might just put your baby in the right position.

I hope all goes well in the coming weeks! I can't wait to hear the good news. You're going to make a great mommy. :)

Fair Maiden said...

Thanks for the tips Brittney! Yeah, I've been spending alot of time on my hands and knees particularly this week and I even just did some floor scrubbing. Of course, I'm hoping this Little One decides to come REALLY soon, but it's all in God's hands. :)

Eden said...

Fair Maiden, thanks for the comment on my blog post about Bermuda. :-) I'm sure you and your husband would enjoy Bermuda. I'm looking forward to the good "baby" news!! Please keep us updated as you're able to. :-) Blessings!