Friday, May 1, 2009

Can you say. . .

36 Days!!!!!!
That's right, only 36 days left. That is, 35 days, 10 hours, and 25 minutes until I will be Scott's wife! :) Everything is moving right along. I just finished tagging all the boutonnieres for the Groomsmen. I'm working on the Seating chart (which is close to half-way done) and my Sister-in-law-to-be has started taking care of part of the favors for me (she is such a great sister and friend).
The book is doing great, and we finally have the Hardcover Edition It looks so great, and it is so rewarding for my Man to have the Hardcover. :)
Scott's parents bought us a Glider/Rocking chair last week and we moved it into the apartment on Wednesday. Scott really likes it, and I know he will do lots of writing in it. :) On Thursday we went and found the perfect couch (well, loveseat, that is) for our little place. We can't wait to get it moved in.
I am also starting out on a new venture as a PartyLite Consultant. I am so excited. My starter show is next Friday. I'm going to try to do 6 shows by the end of this month, before the wedding. :)
So yes, I am very busy. I am most excited this coming week because I get to watch my little nephew for a few hours. He is getting so big already. and is absolutely adorable! :) It is so amazing to me how God's design is so intricate and how a little baby can be so small, and yet grow so quickly. How anyone can believe that we "evolved from monkeys (or something else)" is far beyond me. There are miracles everywhere, that everyone sees, that if they just took a moment, they would realize just how AMAZING God is. I can't help but just stand in awe of my Awesome God.


Scott Appleton said...

YES... at last the days are diminishing... like leaves falling off a tree; first a few, then more, then a deluge of leaves, the branches are bare and the time of winter has arrived! It's our season!

Eden said...

We are so excited for you all! And I am loving reading your blog too to see what is going on with you all. :)

Eden said...

oh & you can also say a month soon! :)