Thursday, May 28, 2009

Only 9 Days Now! :)

Yesterday Scott and I were busy working on some wedding (ceremony) stuff. We decided later in the afternoon that we were going to go see the new Night At The Museum (great movie, by the way. Better than the first one.) with Brian and James. We had to go run a couple errands, so we decided to all meet at the apartment. Then when we realized what time it was and everything, we decided to make supper at the apartment too. I LOVE being in our apartment! I had so much fun making soup and biscuits, and asking Scott what he preferred for different things. And, we did manage to get all the dishes washed, dryed, and put away before we left for the movie. Scott really enjoyed sitting in the living room talking, while I was cooking. It was great! :)

Today we have another full day. We have to finish our ceremony details, get the oil in my car changed (it's been 6,200 miles since the last one, oops), have the emissions done on my car, hopefully take my dress to the Cleaner's (if we can find one that will do it), Scott has to go in to work for 1 hour for some safety class, so I'll be heading over to Target to get some stuff for the apartment, and then we have to meet with our Pastor to go over the wedding details. Oh, and we also need to move more stuff into the apartment and more stuff into the Storage Unit that we have. May all my readers have a wonderful, and blessed day!


Eden said...

sounds like your cranking through everything fast!

i am dying to go see the new night at the museum. glad you liked it. we really hope to go see it soon. :) it looks hilarious. :)

see you in 9 days. :)

Shayna said...

Oh what fun - cooking dinner at your apartment!! :) And I remember having to get work done on my car right before our wedding, too. Make sure you're takin' lots and lots of pictures! You can never have too many. ;)

Scott Appleton said...

See you at the Altar! (-;

Rachel said...

Dear Kelley.
Rachel and I wanted to congradulate you. Praying for wisdom and blessings in your marriage. We are celbrating Rachel's birthday on your wedding day, so when she cuts her cake here in NZ we will think of you cutting your cake in the US.
Love, Ruth and Rachel
PS please post lots of pic's on your blogg!!!!

Fair Maiden said...

Thank you, Ruth and Rachel (Happy Birthday, Miss Rachel! :) )!
Don't worry. I'll post LOTS of pic's. :) It may take a week or two to get them up here, but they'll get here. :)
Love & Blessings,