Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Only 10 DAYS!!!

10 Days left, and SO much to do!!! :) Hopefully we'll get everything done. Hannah and I figured out the decorations for the church yesterday. It will be perfect. :)
My Mother-in-Love, made the practice cake this week and she's all ready for the big one next week. :) We finally figured out how the cake is going to be decorated. I had an idea of how I wanted it, but then we had to try and find those accessories. Praise the Lord! everything worked out. :)
I realized the other night that I have to pack up and move from my home in less than 2 weeks. Even though I knew all of this was coming, and I thought I was fully prepared for it, apparently I wasn't. All of a sudden, it just struck that I'm moving out. Wierd. :) I can't wait to move into the apartment, but all of a sudden the reality hit that I'm moving. I'm supposed to be moving, that's what should happen. It's just strange, I guess. I'm probably not making much sense to anyone, or maybe I am to those who have already experienced this, or maybe I'm the only one (which I doubt, at least I hope not). :)


Eden said...

Yeah, it's strange, but you will be so happy having your own house you won't mind a bit. How far are you from your parents anyways?

Fair Maiden said...

Our apartment is only 15 minutes away, so it's definately not bad. And I LOVE our apartment (see next post). :)
I think everyone's fitted for their tuxes now, that's good. :)