Saturday, January 2, 2010

Come What May

For Christmas, Scott bought me this movie, Come What May which I had been wanting to see for some time!
I was very eager to watch it, and finally last night, Scott and I set up our computer, on our bed and watched it before going to sleep! It was an excellent movie, and very well done, considering that none of the actors are "professionals". You know what I love? Movies like Come What May, done by a group of Christians (such as Flywheel and Facing the Giants) are all better than all the movies that come out in every single movie theater across the nation! The hilarious thing, is that the better movies aren't done by "professionals". Why is it that all the movies done by "professionals" are never as good as the movies done by "non-professionals"? I am so glad that people don't stop when they realize that they aren't professionals, but keep going, because I honestly believe that our poor country is worse off because of the focus on "professionals". They lost sight of what's good and right and it is so sad to see what is considered a "good movie" now. I highly recommend Come What May! Both Scott and I really enjoyed it!

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brightlight08 said...

That's a really good movie, Kelley! We loved it!