Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Stuff ~ 2

So, I've decided to do another "just stuff" post. These posts might become more common in the days and months to come.... who knows??? :) For more clarification, a "Just Stuff" post is a post on what my days have been filled with....

Let's see, on Friday evening Scott, my friend Kelsie, myself, and a couple of K's friends, drove to Cincinnati to go Ice Skating on their square. It was lots of fun. However, the women's skates weren't regular figure skates, and made it more difficult for me to "get the hang of" so after about 10 minutes, I along with a friend got off the ice and put our boots back on (it was VERY cold out!). The ice was not very smooth and the skates were very dull, and I think I was just nervous about falling or getting hurt, with the baby. I think if it would have been regular figure skates, I might have been more comfortable, but I was NOT used to the skates we had. Scott had a blast though! He and everyone else skated for another hour and a half and my friend and I walked around the rink for about half that time, then we went and stood in the heated tent that was there, watching everyone skating. It was lots of fun.

On Saturday we left to go look at an apartment and just as we were about to get on the highway, our car died. We ended up replacing the battery and the car worked fine. Then yesterday, we were on our way to church and just after got off the highway, our car died again, right in the middle of the road (we were about a mile from church). Praise the Lord, no cars were coming and we were right across from a gas station. We got the car parked in the gas station (Scott had to push it, and he did it! :) ) and then decided to walk to church because we knew someone there would be able to help us or know of someone who could look at the car. God worked everything out. Our new friends jumped the car for us and we got it to a garage and they gave us a ride back to where we're staying. They were so nice. The car needed a new alternator and it will be done this afternoon. Thankfully that's all that is wrong with it. God is so good!

Between Thursday and Sunday we got a good amount of snow. It is just beautiful! Snow is so white! It reminds me of the song "Nothing But The Blood"

".....O, precious is the flow,

That makes me white as snow;

No other fount I know;

Nothing but the blood of Jesus...."

You can listen to the song and read the words here. Snow is so white and pure. When the sun comes out just after a snow storm, it can be blinding because of the sun reflecting off of the snow. To think that Jesus' blood makes me white as snow, is quite the thought! It is overwhelming!


Seven Sisters said...

Oh dear! That is terrible about the car! But I'm glad you were so close to a gas station! : )

The ice skating sounds like fun : ) We went sledding on Sunday with the Kemerly' has been forever since I've been sledding!

I am going to try and e-mail you hopefully soonish! I need to do a post for Feelin' Feminine for tomorrow, and today is a teaching day, so I'm not sure how many e-mails I'll get sent today : D

Love and miss you! Can't wait to see you again!



P.S. I like your "Just Stuff" posts : D

Fair Maiden said...

Oh, sledding must have been so much fun! :) I got your card yesterday! Thank you! :) I'll be writing you soon too! We'll see who does it first! ;)
Only 5 more days!!!! :)

Shayna said...

So glad you guys are okay and that the car is fixable. :)

Connie said...

Isn't God good! My friend just had a similar situation. Her car was making a funny noise and the Lord gave her a STRONG feeling to get off the road. She did and pulled into a garage. Her lug nuts on the wheel had broken and her tire was about to fall off! They are safe and awaiting the wheel to be fixed.

Seven Sisters said...

I can't wait 'til tomorrow : D Yay, yay, yay!!!



Fair Maiden said...

Hehe! I can't wait, too, Jessica!!


P.S. Hopefully I'll be completely over my cold/sinus thing! :)

railrunner said...

Hey Kelley! Thanks for stopping by my blog so often, I love seeing your comments! I tried commenting here a couple times, but they didn't go through for some reason.
Miss you guys, keep up the good blogging! (:

Fair Maiden said...

Hey Brian! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Your comments didn't go through? You have commented a couple times.... hmmm.... :-/
Miss you too! You keep up the good blogging as well! You're posts are great!